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Supporting the growth of charities and impact businesses

Allia Impact Finance supports established charities and impact organisations in raising debt finance. This helps you to deliver those vital projects and developments that transform lives, communities and the environment.

The work you do is essential, and we’re committed to helping you grow and deliver more social benefit.

Our aim is to make it easier for you to access a full range of financial options that are transparent, affordable and sustainable. We’ll fight your corner using our wealth of experience and connections to ensure you get the best deal. After all, when it comes to finances, we understand that value for money and simplicity are key.

Specialists in independent debt advice

Our team has extensive experience in advising and arranging debt finance across sectors – with particular expertise within housing, care and education.

You are central to what we do, so we take the time to listen to why you’re looking for debt finance and what you need to achieve. We’ll help you to develop your business plan and financials, creating a compelling story for investors. You’ll then be taken through the choices available and what they mean in real terms, before reaching a decision about the optimal financial solution for you.

Connecting with a full range of investors

Demand from investors for ethical and impact investments is strong and growing rapidly. They’re looking for opportunities just like yours to channel their investments. We can help you tap into this demand.

Allia Impact Finance is uniquely able to access investors from across the market, from supporters in your community to pension fund managers. We’ll connect you with the right investors through the right solution – whether that’s a bank loan, bond or a private placement.

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